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Tatevik Simonyan

Co-founder, Director communications & International relations,
Founder of Doing Digital Forum

Tatevik Simonyan

Tatevik Simonyan is a distinguished entrepreneur, communications expert, and founder of the Doing Digital Platform. As the co-founder and Director of Communications & International Relations at SPRING PR Company, Tatevik brings a wealth of experience in public relations and communications to her role.

She earned her Master’s degree in Sociology, specializing in Public Relations & Methods of Sociological Research from Yerevan State University, which has greatly contributed to her success in the industry.

In her capacity at SPRING PR, Tatevik oversees project management and strategic communications, leading the Communications and International Relations department while also serving as the official spokesperson. Boasting over a decade of proven success working with a diverse range of commercial, international, and governmental organizations, her expertise encompasses business communications, PR, GR, IR, and event management. She is also a sought-after business trainer and speaker, with a focus on PR and Event Management, Investor Relations, Crisis Management, adept at crafting media and communications strategies, PR execution and visual communications.

Throughout her career, Tatevik has provided strategic communications consulting to a wide array of commercial, international, governmental, and non-governmental organizations, including r, Gerflor, Schelde Sports, The World Bank, EBRD, RA Government & EU, ADB, JSDF, UN funded projects, Mission Armenia NGO, Masis Development Foundation, Yell Extreme Park, Yenokavan Development Foundation, Yeremyan Projects, PROFAL and more.

She is a Global Advisory Board Member of the World Communications Forum Association and a member of numerous prestigious organizations, such as the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA), Chartered Institute of Public Relations, International Public Relations Association, and World Communications Forum Association.

Furthermore, she has served as a jury member for the C4F Awards, WCFA Digital PR Awards, and as a judge at the IPRA Golden World Awards.

Among her many professional achievements, Tatevik is the founder of the Doing Digital Platform (part of which is Doing Digital Forum) and was recognized as the Global PR Leader of 2022 at the PR & Corp Communications Summit in New Delhi.

Her extensive expertise and experience make her an invaluable asset in the realm of public relations and strategic communications.

Tatevik’s accomplishments have also led to her inclusion in a prestigious list of “50 Women Leaders,” which celebrates strong female leaders in the PR and communications field, further demonstrating her significant impact and influence in the industry.