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Yeraz Fest Concept Creation, Implementation, and Communication Support


July 14, 2022, July 13, 2023


Yeraz Projects 


Concept Creation, Implementation, and Communication Support 




SPRING PR proudly took on the responsibility of developing, and implementing the concept of Yeraz Fest, providing communication support, and event management. The annual celebration unfolds within the enchanting Yeraz Park, born from the profound desire to gather dreamers and dedicate an entire day to their aspirations, surrounded by family, friends, and loved ones. The event symbolizes the belief that dreams can take flight, exemplified by releasing balloons filled with hope into the skies above. The park previously was a cherished spot for leisurely walks and was rejuvenated through the determined efforts of Yeraz Projects․ 

The inaugural Yeraz Fest in July 2022 carried the inspiring slogan “Join the dream.” Spearheaded by SPRING PR, the event featured the vivacious singer Sofi Mkheyan presenting a specially crafted song, and a mesmerizing concert show by Aram mp3. The event was smoothly hosted by Rafael Yeranosyan.

Throughout the day, Yeraz Park came alive with a diverse program catering to individuals of all ages. Activities included chalk painting, bubble shows, master classes, an array of game booths, etc. Various companies also displayed and sold their products, adding to the vibrant atmosphere, while the DJ kept the musical rhythm alive until the late hours.

The success of the first Yeraz Fest paved the way for its return on July 13, 2023, once again with SPRING PR at the helm. Using the prior year’s experience, the event offered an even more extensive array of engaging activities and introduced new faces to the celebration. It featured amazing performances by singer Sofi Mkheyan, Hayat Project, and DJ Jokey. Interactive shows, games, entertainment booths, and a variety of engaging activities kept both children and adults enthralled throughout the event.

The most crucial moment during the festival was when thousands of balloons, each carrying dreams and aspirations, soared into the sky, becoming a powerful symbol of hope and unity.

Thanks to the tireless efforts of SPRING PR and “Yeraz Projects”, Yeraz Fest has grown in stature and significance, becoming a remarkable celebration of dreams, family, friendship, and hope within the heart of Yeraz Park. The consistent format between the two fests exemplifies the agency’s professionalism in delivering unforgettable experiences, bringing all the dreamers together.


Our journey with both of the events began with strategic pre-event communications, as SPRING PR engaged in targeted media outreach, distributing press releases to local outlets. These releases highlighted the significance of Yeraz Fest, its mission of unity, and the unique experiences attendees could anticipate.

Handling the full event management, we collaborated with the exhibitors and performers, meticulously organizing their participation. Cooperating with the hosts, we scripted engaging interactions and inclusive messaging that effectively communicated the festival’s spirit.  The B2B communications strategy proved effective in securing a diverse range of engaging booths, offering something for every interest. A thoughtfully planned zoning approach distributed the activities throughout Yeraz Park, serving various age groups and interests. The festival’s flow facilitated a smooth and enjoyable experience for all participants.

To create an immersive atmosphere, we also crafted the entire concepts of both Yeraz Fest events. Drawing inspiration from the festival’s mission of unity and celebration of dreams and hope, we meticulously conceptualized every aspect of the events. Collaborating with influencers, our team also organized thematic photoshoots for the events featuring balloons symbolizing aspirations soaring towards the sky, and sparking excitement and interest. The influencers, bearing the slogan “Join the Dream”,  shared their photos on their social media platforms as well. 

During the events, our team collaborated with skilled videographers, who were filming the key moments, performances, and attendee reactions throughout the fest. The resulting video served as a valuable asset for post-event promotion and future marketing endeavors.

SPRING PR sustained momentum through post-event communications, providing press releases, sharing highlights, testimonials, and the overall success of the festivals.

Thanks to the cohesive PR strategy encompassing pre and post-event communications, media relations, event management, and creative initiatives, Yeraz Fest flourished as a resounding success. The events’ growth, positive feedback, and profound impact on the community underscored the efficacy of our strategic approach in uniting dreamers and celebrating hope in Yeraz Park.