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Yell Extreme Park: Social Entrepreneurship Project Communication


January 2016 to October 2018


Yell Extreme Park


PR Consulting and Communication Support




SPRING was entrusted to partner with Yell Extreme Park, an amazing destination nestled in the awe-inspiring Yenokavan mountains. Perched just 140 km away from the cities of Yerevan and Tbilisi, this remarkable park appeals to nature enthusiasts and adventure seekers alike. Yell Extreme Park prides itself on offering exciting adventures and eco-friendly practices, making it a perfect haven for nature lovers who enjoy outdoor activities.

A family business was established 12 years ago, offering accommodation and horse riding, and it has more than justified itself. The park was founded in 2015, creating job opportunities for residents and serving as a platform for locals and youth to work and realize their potential. The external investments led to infrastructure improvements in Yenokavan, including a residential facility for youth and a village hotel. Moreover, the collaboration with the Paragliding Federation showcased the park’s commitment to adventure sports and Armenia’s potential as an outdoor enthusiast’s paradise.

Inside the captivating boundaries of the park, visitors are treated to a wide array of thrilling experiences that suit different interests. From the exciting zip-lining and paragliding to the adventurous rope park and via ferrata expeditions, Yell Extreme Park guarantees an unforgettable journey for its guests. Those seeking more daring pursuits can enjoy zorbing and paintball, while those who prefer a calmer connection with nature can delight in horseback riding or take scenic off-road tours on the renowned Yell Truck.

In this enthralling venture, SPRING PR took on the role of a strategic partner, collaborating with Yell Extreme Park as their PR consultant. The primary objective of this collaboration was to craft and execute a compelling communication strategy that would not only amplify the park’s brand awareness but also challenge misconceptions on extreme tourism aiming to generate a sense of curiosity and fascination among potential visitors. Together, they sought to redefine perceptions and establish Armenia as a vibrant hub for adventure tourism within the region. 

With a vision that extended beyond conventional tourism, the partnership between SPRING PR and Yell Extreme Park also focused on creating a positive impact on the local community and environment. By supporting and promoting eco-friendly practices, job creation, and sustainable agribusiness in the region, they aimed to foster social entrepreneurship at the heart of their adventure tourism endeavors.


As part of the comprehensive strategy, SPRING PR devised targeted information campaigns with a strong focus on showing the charm of Yell Extreme Park. The agency meticulously planned and executed press tours in the Yenokavan community of Tavush region, hosting groups of 20-40 people two to three times a year, accompanied by full-fledged PR support. Notably, SPRING PR organized a prestigious press tour in collaboration with the Ministry of Economy of the Artsakh Republic and Yell Extreme Park, centered around the “Artsakh Air Fest” event.

Among the standout campaigns conducted by SPRING PR was the internationally acclaimed Indiegogo fundraiser, which aimed to build the world’s longest zipline. Throughout the campaign, SPRING PR worked closely with key stakeholders, developing guidelines for keynote speakers, crafting compelling key messages for diverse audiences, organizing impactful press conferences, and developing engaging interview-thematic articles. 

At the core of the strategy was a bespoke public awareness plan for which a detailed action plan and timeline were developed. Using its vast network of media contacts, the agency expertly managed media relations, securing top-tier media coverage for the park. Compelling press releases were strategically disseminated through an extensive media network, guaranteeing widespread media coverage across targeted online platforms, thereby maximizing exposure for the park.

To capture the essence of events and create enduring memories, SPRING PR provided on-site photography services during various occasions. Thorough press clipping and meticulous reporting enabled precise measurement and evaluation of its impact.

Additionally, equipped with effective crisis management strategies, SPRING PR safeguarded Yell Extreme Park’s reputation, ensuring a swift and confident response to unforeseen challenges.  

In addition to raising Yell Extreme Park’s brand awareness, the collaboration with SPRING PR had a profound social entrepreneurship impact. By prioritizing community empowerment and sustainable practices, the project brought positive change to the region.

Yell Extreme Park created more than 60 jobs during tourism seasons, benefiting locals and Syrian-Armenians, fostering self-realization among the workforce. The park’s agribusiness initiatives, utilizing cornelian cherry plantations for dried fruits and vodka, boosted the local economy and promoted eco-friendly practices.

Through this social entrepreneurship venture, SPRING PR and Yell Extreme Park demonstrated how adventure tourism can drive positive impacts, transforming lives and communities for the better.


  • 12 information events
  • 250 publications both in local and international Media (Discovery, Asbarez, etc.)
  • Creation of more than 60 jobs during tourism seasons, benefiting locals and Syrian-Armenians.
  • A boost in economic development