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Presentation of Fujifilm
Instax Mini 9 Cameras


September-October, 2019


Fusion Agency


Full PR support and event management




When it comes to getting instant photos in the easiest and fastest way possible, the Instax Camera is a perfect choice. And when it came to launching these trendy and modern cameras in Armenia, SPRING PR was the go-to agency for full PR support and event management. The comprehensive support and organization of the brightest-ever event were to showcase the unique features and benefits of this cutting-edge technology. With the camera, one can capture the best moments of their life while traveling, celebrating different occasions, and creating ready-to-use color images and memories within minutes. It is like having a tangible Instagram in the palm of one’s hand!

Instax cameras for instant printing have won numerous awards. Instax SQ6 and Instax SQ20 received two major awards in 2019: Red Dot Design Award 2019 and if Design Award 2019, and international experts have highly praised not only the stylish look but also their functionality and ease of use.


SPRING PR went above and beyond to provide full PR support and event management for the launch of the Instax Camera in Armenia. We worked closely with our clients to understand their objectives and develop a clear concept for the event, ensuring that the branding was consistent across all aspects of the event, including invitations, decorations, and promotional materials. Aftermath, a detailed plan was developed including all the logistical details of the event. The scope of the provided services was comprehensive, also including strong media relations with both local and international media outlets to cover the event before and after. We ensured the company’s communication team was seamlessly integrated with the target audience of bloggers, photographers, actors, representatives of show business, and mass media.

SPRING PR worked with vendors to ensure that the event space was decorated in a way that reflected the fun and playful nature of the Instax Camera, and that guests had ample opportunities to interact with the product and create their own memorable moments. It was a dazzling event that left a lasting impression on guests. With vibrant music from talented DJs and the captivating lights of the cameras, the guests got to experience the Instax Camera’s unique features firsthand.  Finally, post-event analysis and follow-up were also crucial to ensure that the event met its objectives and that any issues or areas for improvement were identified and addressed. SPRING PR conducted a thorough analysis of the event, including media coverage and attendee feedback, and provided the client with actionable insights and recommendations for future events.

Overall, the whole event was a success, since at SPRING PR, we are committed to providing our client with the highest level of event management and PR support, and we’re proud to have been a part of the successful launch of the Instax Camera in Armenia.


  • Event coverage by 18 media representatives, 26 influencers, and 19 other
  • 63 guests
  • 30  publications with more than 500K total potential audience
  • Social media impact with  more than 308 publications and stories