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“MUCH MILK IS MUCH LOVE” Communication Campaign


March – June, 2023


“Yeremyan Products”


Communication Campaign Concept Development and Implementation




Prior to World Milk Day, on May 27 the first and largest milk serving in Armenia under the motto “MUCH MILK IS MUCH LOVE” took place  in Seasons Park. The event was initiated by the leading producer of dairy products “Yeremyan Products” with the goal of contributing to the formation and spread of a new culture of milk consumption, which is an important part of our daily diet, and to popularize the usefulness of dairy products.

The festivities showed the essence of the “Yeremyan Products” farm, bringing its special agricultural machinery and the newly-introduced milk transporting machine to Yerevan. The event featured the presence of star dairy cows, champions of the farm known for their affectionate nature. Attendees had the opportunity to explore the farm, interact with experts, and capture moments through photographs. The event marked the pinnacle of the “MUCH MILK IS MUCH LOVE” communication campaign organized by SPRING PR and has its prehistory. 

Since 2019, “Yeremyan Projects” has initiated and is currently implementing a new business development strategy in Armenia, centered around the “From Seed to Table” concept, ensuring a comprehensive closed cycle. In the framework of this concept, the company has taken a number of initiatives, the “MUCH MILK IS MUCH LOVE” communication campaign among them.


The comprehensive “MUCH MILK IS MUCH LOVE” campaign, crafted and implemented by SPRING PR, strategically included three phases:

Teaser Visuals Launch: Simple, unbranded messages were strategically disseminated across capital billboards, creating an air of anticipation leading up to the main event. 

Influencer Activation 1 for UGC: As part of the teaser phase, influencers spurred user-generated content, building excitement and engagement among the target audience. SPRING PR actively communicated with them during this phase, ensuring alignment with the campaign’s key messages.

Commercial Video Launch/Key Visuals Launch: Following the teaser phase, the main campaign visuals featuring the new “Yeremyan Products” milk bottle were unveiled, creating a visual narrative for the brand. 

Influencer Activation 2: This stage involved comprehensive communication with influencers to maximize their impact in conveying the brand’s message. A continuation of influencer engagement further amplified the campaign message,  extending the reach and impact of the overall initiative. Active communication with them during the brand unveiling phase ensured a seamless transition from anticipation to the brand’s revelation.

The final event, the largest milk serving in Armenia, served as the campaign’s groundbreaking culmination. SPRING PR assumed event management, ensuring a seamless and memorable experience for all attendees. In the pre-event communication phases, the agency conducted the staff training for those responsible for serving milk, guaranteeing a professional and efficient service. Additionally, SPRING PR worked closely with the event hosts to refine the host’s delivery and enhance overall program cohesion.

The agency also օrganized strategic communications with media and influencers for event invitations. During the event, SPRING PR maintained media relations, collaborated with photographers and videographers, and skillfully managed program implementation. The success of these efforts was evident as the event surpassed expectations, serving an impressive 4,800 glasses of milk—exceeding the initial target of 3,000.

The collaboration between “Yeremyan Products” and SPRING PR resulted in a memorable event that resonated with the target audience, effectively conveying the campaign’s message of love for milk. For those gathered at Seasons Park, including numerous foreign guests, it was genuinely novel in its format and content, contributing to the formation and spread of the culture of milk consumption and the promotion of the usefulness of dairy products.


  • 3500+  guests attended the event
  • 4800+ glasses of milk were served