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Milk is Love


March – December, 2020


Yeremyan Projects


Full PR Support




SPRING PR-company was announced among the winners of WCFA Davos Digital PR Awards as the Best Digital PR Project for “Milk is Love” communication campaign carried out jointly with “Yeremyan Projects”. The aim of the campaign was to promote a culture of consuming milk among Armenians, to raise awareness on the benefits of dairy products, and to spread a word on food security challenges, emphasizing the importance of purchasing natural products.

The Davos Digital PR Awards recognize unique and valuable campaigns and exceptional professional work by public relations and communications professionals from around the world. Best Digital PR Project award gives a high recognition to the most memorable digital campaigns that are shifting consumers, and other key audiences’ perspectives on the product, breaking stereotypes and forming new attitudes.

The most outstanding projects launched nationwide between January 2020 and July 2021 were considered in three categories – Best Digital PR Project, Best Digital PR Company, Digital PR Guru of 2021 – in the first edition of Davos Digital PR Awards. SPRING PR is the gold winner of the Best Digital PR Project. Entries were received from Armenia, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, Estonia, Georgia, Italy, Russia, Singapore, Spain, United Kingdom, and the United States.

In May 2020, Yeremyan Projects, a leader in the restaurant business in Armenia and uniting under its umbrella 15 restaurants, high-quality milk, dairy, and meat production, faced a significant challenge due to the COVID-19 pandemic. With the country in lockdown and restaurants closed the company faced a serious challenge: on a daily basis it had 10-15 tons of high-quality unrealized milk.  

Yeremyan Projects had previously established swine and cow cattle breeding farms as part of its “From seeds to the table” concept to ensure a full cycle of supply and provide healthy meals to its restaurants and consumers. Yet, the pandemic was already changing consumer behavior as well as attitudes toward organizations, products, and services in different industries, requirements, and expectations. As “Yeremyan Project’s” PR agency, SPRING took over the responsibility of creating and implementing the “Milk is Love” digital communication campaign. With its expertise, SPRING was determined to not only prevent dairy waste and insert a new culture of consuming dairy products, emphasizing the benefits of milk and promoting a healthy lifestyle, but also build brand awareness as well as position Yeremyan Projects as a socially responsible and environmentally conscious company.


The campaign created by SPRING PR literally went to people’s heads! 

During the lockdown, when people were isolated in their houses practicing social and physical distancing, to attract consumers’ attention and lead them to change their consumption behavior, unique and innovative actions were needed. As soon as the media was also in lockdown classical PR tools were not effective and doable. That was the right time to switch to 100% digital. SPRING PR planned and implemented first in Armenia totally Digital Communication campaign combining various communication platforms, tools, and actions. The key message was that consuming milk is beneficial for your health, it’s trendy and it is for everyone.

As a part of the campaign, we organized an online degustation that included an online press conference, influencers’ testing/degustation, and a Q&A session. Various influencers and their followers were invited to take action and express their love for milk in their own unique ways. Such initiative provided an opportunity to showcase the high-quality, ecologically clean, and healthy food that Yeremyan Projects offers. By engaging with influencers, media, and the wider public, the campaign was able to break the stereotype that milk is only for children and emphasize the usefulness and importance of milk and dairy products for different age groups: “Love” and “milk” were accompanied by another motto – “Milk does not know age”. 

The campaign creatively used various visuals developed with influencers such as break dancers, singers, actors, and scientists. The wider public took the wave by joining the campaign and spreading the word about the benefits of milk and dairy products. The use of different glasses like wine, cocktail, juice, martini, and brandy in the visuals was intentional. Research revealed that alcohol consumption had increased by 45% during the pandemic, and the call to action was to use various glasses for the one and only drink – milk.

Advance packages were sent to influencers and media guys to test and join online discussions for sharing opinions. The campaign swept across the Facebook platform, and the buzz even spread to other social platforms such as Tik Tok and Instagram. To ensure the campaign reached its all target audiences we implemented a precise and effective strategy. Daily postings, Google, Viber, mobile, and email campaigns were planned and executed precisely to guarantee traffic to Yeremyan Product’s brand store. Dissemination of media publications, including interviews and descriptive footage, helped to spread the campaign’s message even further.

The “Milk is Love” digital communication campaign successfully delivered love and warmth to the residents of Armenia during an uncertain time of lockdown, fostered its consumption, and raised brand awareness. 

The campaign was special as soon as people were seeking love, warmth, and positive energy those days. That was the main reason for choosing the warm slogan – “Milk is love”. The international jury approved the campaign, actively discussed it, and described it as a project with an interesting strategy that conveys care and warmth.


  • 400+ influencers and media representatives leveraged
  • 1410 user-generated content
  • 1700 stories published with 1,5+ million impressions 
  • 17,000 visitors to the product’s official store
  • 40 + media publications with a total potential audience of 500K