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June- December 2022


“Khachatryan” Group of Companies


Full PR Support and Event Management 


Household chemicals, car care, detergents 


SPRING PR provided comprehensive PR support to the “Khachatryan” Group of Companies, aimed at enhancing the brand image and visibility. The founders of the “Khachatryan” Group of Companies started their entrepreneurial journey in 2001 with the profound passion for automobiles, which swiftly evolved from a personal pursuit into a formidable business venture. 

Currently, the company specializes in the manufacturing of household chemicals, car care products, and detergents. Today, the group presents itself with multi-professional services and products, engaged in the production of household chemicals, car care, and detergents.

“Khachatryan” Group of Companies includes “LEO 1”, the first auto spa of the republic, SONAX ARMENIA, Fruh Kolsch Armenian representing high-quality German beer, as well as Katill brand (Link to “Azdume” case)  of household cleaning products of Armenian production.



In spearheading a comprehensive promotional strategy for the “Khachatryan” Group of Companies, SPRING PR planned and organized a series of events and initiatives to elevate brand visibility and engagement.

One of the core events was the launch of Leo 1 Autospa’s new services. SPRING PR’s role extended from conceptualizing the event to executing every detail, including script development for the host, crafting the co-founders’ speeches, and coordinating with external service providers. Following the launch, we produced a compelling series of short videos for social media showing the newly introduced products.

Another important event organized by SPRING PR was the signing of a memorandum between the Yerevan State University Institute of Pharmacy and the “Khachatryan” Group of Companies, followed by a productive meeting with the students, focusing on fostering university-private sector cooperation, internship opportunities, and market development. Our responsibilities extended to curating impactful presentations and speeches delivered by the founders.

To establishing a strong brand presence in the market, SPRING PR developed and implemented a creative campaign concept for the “Katill” brand (Link to Azdum e case).

As part of media relations, we conducted short interviews with the company’s staff, serving as a compelling social media content. Simultaneously, long-read interviews were coordinated covering the overall brand narrative, the Katill brand launch, insights from the chemical sector, and an exclusive discussion with Karen Khachatryan about Leo 1’s new service.

Beyond events and interviews, SPRING PR developed the concept for Fruh Kolsch for taking part in Yerevan Beer Fest.

In addition to event management and media relations, a comprehensive Social Media Marketing service was provided for the entire group of companies, ensuring a consistent and engaging online presence. And to capture the essence of the team and enhance the brand’s visual narrative, personalized photo shoots were organized. These visuals were strategically employed for media relations and SMM activities, reinforcing the brand’s identity.


  • Increased brand recognition,
  • Media discourse activation
  • 20+ interviews conducted
  • 3 events organized
  • 160+ posts, 200+ stories from the “Azdum e” campaign
  • 9 influencers participated in the 1st phase of the campaign (28 posts as a result)
  • 5 influencers participated in the 2st phase of the campaign (13 posts as a result)
  • 30+ Influencers posted about Katill cleaning supplies in their stories in the 3rd phase