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IPRA Golden World Awards in Yerevan:
SPRING PR Marks the 10th Anniversary


May-September, 2019


International Public Relations Association (IPRA)


Full PR support and event management




SPRING PR has had the honor to be in partnership with IPRA (the International Public Relations Association)․ In the framework of this wonderful collaboration, 2019 was even unique, for in the framework of its 10-year Anniversary, SPRING PR hosted the largest event in PR, the International Public Relations Association (IPRA London) Golden World Awards 2019 award ceremony and Gala. Around 120 experts, representatives of state institutions, top-level managers of major companies, and communication specialists from more than 50 countries (USA, UK, Japan, China, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Argentina, CIS, Ghana, and a number of European countries) arrived in Armenia at the initiative of SPRING PR.

The world’s prominent companies were honored and awarded for their unique entries. Among them were Testa Communications, HvdM, INEOS Manufacturing Deutschland GmbH, United Partners, Lukoil, LLYC, Devries Global, INC., Pan American Energy, Generali Italia spa, Image Merchants Promotion Limited, Aramco, JeffreyGroup, University of London Worldwide, TerraCycle, Fundación Mundo Sano, Dutch Tax and Customs Administration, Adidas, Paysafe Group, Lukoil, Coca Cola Spain, YAHOO! JAPAN, McDonald’s, HSBC, and many others.

The annual IPRA Golden World Awards (GWA) initiative, established in 1990, recognizes excellence in public relations practice worldwide in a variety of categories. Recipients of the award take particular pride in the recognition granted to their entry as meeting international standards of excellence in public relations. An overall IPRA Grand Prix for Excellence is presented each year to the entry judged as representing the highest standards that year. While there are many national and regional PR awards, there is only one truly global scheme: the GWA.


SPRING had the privilege of professionally executing the Gala dinner and awards ceremony for the prestigious Golden World Awards for Excellence in PR (GWA) corresponding to the IPRA criteria. For the first time in the history of the IPRA Golden World Awards ceremony, the Board made a decision to honor SPRING PR company with the Global Host Award.

Our strategy was to ensure that every aspect of the event was executed flawlessly. From selecting the venue to managing logistics and coordinating with vendors, suppliers, and other stakeholders, we worked tirelessly to ensure that the event was a success.

The critical elements of the communication campaign were branding and messaging. We created a consistent and visually appealing brand identity that was recognizable and memorable. The incorporation of logos, color schemes, and other visual elements was consistent with the overall brand of IPRA.

Our media relations strategy was also crucial to the success of the largest event in PR, as we secured the proper coverage before, during, and after the event. This included press releases, media kits, and coordinating interviews and photo opportunities. Social media in its turn was also considered as a means to play a significant role in generating excitement and engagement around this unprecedented event.

As part of our comprehensive event management services, SPRING PR provided a range of operational support to welcome guests from worldwide. This included managing travel arrangements and visa support for all international guests, as well as coordinating the design and distribution of invitations and other printed materials.

Closely working with the event venue, we made sure that all logistical arrangements were in place, including coordinating catering services and providing audiovisual support such as video production and editing.

Our team was responsible for managing all aspects of the event, from overseeing the delivery of invitations to following up with guests. Our attention to detail and commitment to excellence in every aspect of the event contributed to its overall success. 

It delivered an unforgettable experience for attendees leaving a lasting impression on the global PR industry establishing SPRING PR as the global host for the successful management and communication campaign.


120+ guests from more than 50 countries