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Full PR Support to the Largest Serving of Gata


September 28, 2018 to September 26, 2019


Yeremyan Projects


Full PR Support 


Cultural heritage


SPRING PR, as a PR agency of Yeremyan Projects, was entrusted with the monumental task of organizing a comprehensive communication strategy that would secure a place for the world’s biggest gata in the illustrious Guinness World Records

On September 28, a representative of Guinness World Records Limited, Joanna Marry Brent, added the world’s longest gata to the Guinness Book of Records. The achievement was the result of 11 months of meticulous preparations by Yeremyan Projects, culminating in the creation of a record-breaking 368.8 kg heavy gata.

Gata, a delightful Armenian pastry, holds a special place in the nation’s heart, cherished throughout the entire country. Each region boasts its own unique variation, with gatas often adorned with intricate ornaments and meaningful words, reflecting the rich cultural heritage of Armenia.

The making of the record-breaking gata required over 24 hours of dedicated craftsmanship, and the idea behind this culinary triumph was conceived at the beginning of 2018. Previous attempts by Yeremyan Projects to create the longest gata were made in May, but they lacked representation from Guinness World Records. Finally, in honor of the 2800th anniversary of Yerevan, the team’s efforts bore fruit, and they successfully secured their place in the Guinness Book of Records.

The event was a moment of pride for Yerevan, with the presence of the representatives of government, RA Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sports, the deputy mayor witnessing this historic accomplishment near Swan Lake. The recognition extended beyond the local level, as Yeremyan Projects received awards from both the Yerevan Municipality and Guinness World Records. To commemorate this extraordinary achievement, Yeremyan Projects proudly presented Yerevan with a certificate certifying the record of the world’s largest gata.

The longest gata festival and degustation became an eagerly anticipated tradition, attracting hundreds of Yerevan residents, guests, and tourists. The event garnered significant media attention, with numerous local and foreign media companies covering the festivities.

In their pursuit of excellence, Yeremyan Projects successfully surpassed their own record on September 26, 2019, presenting the world with a magnificent 410 kg gata measuring 65 meters in length and 40 centimeters in thickness. This record-breaking creation became a sought-after item on the menu at all “Yeremyan Projects” restaurants, delighting more than 5000 people, including both local visitors and tourists alike. 

The culmination of 11 months of intense preparations, Yeremyan Projects’ dream of creating the world’s biggest gata became a reality. This achievement of securing a place in the Guinness Book of Records not only elevated Yeremyan Projects’ reputation but also brought immense pride to the entire city of Yerevan, leaving an enduring mark on Armenian culinary heritage.


SPRING PR took charge of crafting a compelling pre-event communication campaign to generate widespread anticipation and excitement for the record-breaking gata achievement. Using various communication channels including press releases, and targeted outreach, we strategically disseminated updates about the upcoming event. 

As the event’s communication powerhouse, SPRING PR harnessed the power of media relations to ensure extensive coverage across local and foreign outlets. We invited the journalists to witness the gata-making process firsthand. Also, by offering exclusive interviews with Yeremyan Projects’ team members and local dignitaries, we created a sense of authenticity and genuine interest in the event.

With meticulous attention to detail, SPRING PR played a vital role in the event management process. Collaborating closely with Yeremyan Projects, we chose the right location adorned with cultural motifs, ensuring an immersive experience for attendees. From coordinating logistics to managing guest engagement activities, every aspect of the event was flawlessly organized to create a memorable celebration.

A key element of our strategy was facilitating a seamless collaboration with Guinness World Records. SPRING PR served as the crucial liaison between Yeremyan Projects and Guinness World Records representatives. We meticulously compiled and presented comprehensive documentation, ensuring that all evidence of the record-breaking attempt was accurately conveyed. By maintaining constant communication and transparency, we successfully obtained official certification for the world’s largest gata, further elevating the event’s significance.

After the record-breaking achievement, SPRING PR continued to capitalize on the event’s success through a well-crafted post-event communication strategy. We amplified media coverage with follow-up press releases and captivating stories, ensuring that the achievement remained a topic of conversation long after the event.

Thanks to SPRING PR’s strategic approach, the event garnered widespread media coverage, captivating audiences locally and internationally. The achievement of securing a place in the Guinness Book of Records brought immense pride not only to Yeremyan Projects but also to the city of Yerevan and Armenia as a whole. The successful collaboration with Guinness World Records cemented Yeremyan Projects’ position as a culinary trailblazer, leaving an enduring mark on Armenian culinary heritage. 


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