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Full PR Support, Event Management, and Strategic Communications for AraratBank Rebranding 


September 24, 2022




Full PR support, event management, and strategic communications


Rebranding Campaign


SPRING PR was entrusted with the vital role of guiding AraratBank’s projects and communication endeavors, working closely with the bank’s internal communication team.

AraratBank is an Armenian bank providing reliable financial services to individuals and legal entities since 1991. With a network of 51 branches, the bank is well-equipped to meet the diverse banking needs of its customers. The bank has issued 19 corporate bond issues and has been recognized as the best exchange member and market maker in the corporate securities market for 2021. It also offers plastic cards for local and international payment systems and is a SWIFT international payment system member. AraratBank works with 13 global financial institutions to provide quality banking services to its customers. Its mission is to provide proficient and high-quality banking services using the latest banking technologies while ensuring transparency in all its activities.

The rebranding endeavor involved a strategic revision of the logo, aiming for a contemporary and dynamic representation. Striving for timelessness in both appearance and structure, the bank went in a minimalist direction, culminating in a logo inspired by the symbolism of the mountain. The yellow in the brand palette signifies the underlying simplicity and ease that epitomizes the bank’s new ideology. To maintain equilibrium, black was integrated into the color scheme, infusing discipline. The distinctive sloping line, a recurring motif in the bank’s branded elements, embodies the concept of continuous ascent.

Under the banner of “Rising Together,” AraratBank unveiled its new agenda during a rebranding event on September 24, 2022. This new chapter was their start to transform into a customer-centric institution, using contemporary services, cutting-edge digital technologies, and innovative service methodologies. Rooted in the concept of fostering warm customer-bank relationships and creating an environment of trust and responsibility, the bank outlined its vision for growth, considering the huge role of technological advancements and digital banking’s rapid evolution.

The rebranding campaign was organized by SPRING PR, which managed a momentous event atop Mount Teghenis. Positioned at a height of 2,851 meters above sea level, AraratBank’s representatives unveiled the dawn of a new era for the bank against the backdrop of Mount Aragats, Mount Ara, Geghama mountains, Lake Sevan, and the iconic Mount Ararat.


SPRING PR played a dynamic role in steering the triumphant rebranding campaign for AraratBank. Throughout the pre-PR stage, SPRING devised and executed an all-encompassing communication strategy that served as the backbone for articulating the main messages, addressing critical facets, and plotting the trajectory of ongoing projects. 

SPRING’s ultimate goal was to increase understanding and awareness of Ararat Bank’s products and services among the target audience and relevant media in Armenia. To this end, they organized a symbolic rebranding campaign atop Mount Teghenis, where guests including top managers and staff members of AraratBank and prominent journalists could see important symbols of all Armenians. 

The agency organized the whole event, integrating critical elements of event management. This included coordinating arrangements with the event venue and curating catering services to harmonize with the event’s ambiance. Photo and video services provided a narrative of the event’s significance and resulted in a beautiful clip dedicated to AraratBank’s rebranding narrative.

The most important layer of SPRING’s engagement lay in the meticulous formulation of a PR and communications strategy, charting an action plan that aligned with the overarching vision. This strategic approach delved into the nuances of perception management, reputation enhancement, and expanding outreach. The strategic positioning of press releases in three languages – Armenian, Russian, and English – provided a comprehensive linguistic reach that resonated effectively across diverse audiences. 

The agency’s media relations nurtured strong collaborations, amplifying the campaign’s impact across various media platforms. This comprehensive outreach approach served both internal and external stakeholders well, supported by a focused training session to boost project visibility and align content quality with the company’s messaging. Amid pandemic challenges, SPRING showed its expertise by effectively managing reputational risks and maintaining consistent communication activities. 

In essence, SPRING PR’s strategic management brought AraratBank’s rebranding campaign to life. The fusion of comprehensive communication strategies, meticulous event management, and dynamic media relations culminated in a resounding success that resonated with the Armenian media landscape. Through the challenges of a changing world, SPRING’s commitment and adaptability shone bright, ensuring AraratBank’s message reached far and wide.