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#FlowerPower Floral Photo exhibition Held in Yerevan


August – October, 2019


Avenue Des Fleurs


Floral Campaign


SPRING PR was entrusted to lead a captivating project with Avenue Des Fleurs. Armenia’s first luxury floral and gift shop, Avenue Des Fleurs, has been synonymous with elegance since its establishment in 2006 holding a special place in Armenia’s world of flower design. It introduced New Year Decorations and Creative Christmas Design to the Armenian market, leaving a mark as a fine design establishment.

Always at the forefront of global trends, Avenue Des Fleurs and SPRING PR together initiated the #FlowerPower project. The core objective of the project was to show the potential of florists and artisans, expressed through a captivating photoshoot and vibrant flash mob. This unique endeavor featured a captivating photoshoot, celebrating vibrant women and girls in Yerevan. Avenue Des Fleurs’ skilled florists crafted unique floral patterns for each participant, seamlessly blending creativity and botanical artistry.

At the core of the project were women, vibrant individuals with achievements that can transform lives, making them more beautiful and harmonious. The project extended its reach with a #FlowerPower flash mob on Facebook, where participants changed their profile pictures to their floral photoshoot images, inviting the public to discover the project and share their impressions.

SPRING PR, as the project initiator, is proud to have played a crucial role in bringing this project to life, supporting the brand’s dedication to celebrating elegance, creativity, and the transformative power of flowers.


Prior to the launch of the campaign, in the pre-communication period, SPRING PR identified and engaged influencers from diverse spheres, each with unique achievements and professions. The influencer campaign aimed to emphasize the power of women, and to symbolize this, a special design and decoration was created for each influencer’s individual photoshoot. Extensive communication and coordination with the influencers took place over several weeks, ensuring their alignment with the campaign’s objectives and message.

The photoshoot itself was a process with each influencer receiving personalized attention to capture their unique essence. This not only highlighted the individuality of each influencer but also underscored the core message of empowerment behind the #FlowerPower slogan. The campaign took the form of a flash mob, with each influencer posting their carefully crafted photos on a designated day. These posts were accompanied by pre-developed text and the appropriate hashtag, creating a synchronized and impactful social media presence.

The #FlowerPower campaign’s culminating event, held at Mirzoyan Library, was a memorable afterparty. SPRING PR applied its event management skills in organizing an evening filled with captivating elements, including a DJ and catering services with beautifully decorated spaces, featuring the portraits of the women from the photoshoot. Participants were invited to take their portraits home, further extending the campaign’s reach.

As part of media relations, SPRING PR invited journalists to participate in the photoshoot, ensuring the campaign’s presence within media circles. Following the campaign’s launch, SPRING PR actively disseminated materials to local media outlets, garnering coverage and extending the campaign’s reach beyond social media.

The flash mob continued to be circulated in social media over a considerable period, ensuring that its influence remained strong. It served as an ongoing reminder of the campaign’s message and power, generating organic conversations and interactions.

SPRING PR’s PR strategy for #FlowerPower campaign amplified the influence and achievements of women, all while generating significant media and public attention.