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EBRD Advice for Small Businesses




EBRD ASB Armenia


Full PR Support, Creative Campaign




Established in 1991, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) embarked on a journey to make a new era of prosperity in Central and Eastern Europe post the Cold War. The EBRD’s mission to promote market-oriented economies and encourage private and entrepreneurial initiatives has taken root in Armenia as well. On this initiative, SPRING PR was entrusted with the critical responsibility of providing full PR support to the bank for three years. With our unwavering commitment and expertise in the field of PR, we were confident in our ability to help EBRD achieve its noble objectives in Armenia. Together with SPRING PR, the EBRD launched the Know|How Information Campaign, the PR campaign of the EBRD’s Advice for Small Businesses (ASB) Armenia, as well as communication and Visibility Activities within EU4BUSINESS (2016-2017).

The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) is a visionary organization dedicated to fostering open and sustainable market economies in countries that uphold democratic principles. With a focus on the financial sector, industry, commerce and agribusiness, infrastructure, and energy, the EBRD is a leading force in promoting strong, inclusive growth that generates resilience and competitiveness. By combining debt, equity, and trade finance projects with policy dialogue, cooperation with external partners, and donor-funded activities, the EBRD helps to build a private corporate sector that is well-governed, diverse, and resilient. Its investments in infrastructure and energy contribute to strengthening integration in the EBRD region and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. The EBRD is committed to sustainable development and economic growth that benefits all.

The EBRD focuses on several areas to promote economic growth and development in Armenia. These include developing the financial sector and improving access to finance for SMEs and rural areas, improving municipal and urban transport infrastructure, developing agribusiness and high value-added, export-oriented industrial companies, and improving the regulatory and institutional framework for sustainable energy and increasing value-added in the mining sector. The EBRD also receives support from Armenia as a donor to the Eastern Europe Energy Efficiency and Environment Partnership (E5P) Fund.


The list of the visibility activities conducted by SPRING PR in the framework of the collaboration included:

  • TFP Conference
  • Press conference “EU and EBRD Support SMEs to Access Finance and Advice”
  • Management Consulting Essentials, Rollout of Know|How Campaign
  • Trade Facilitation Program (TFP) Conference, organized by the EBRD HQ TFP team and supported by SBS Armenia
  • EBRD at Christmas Fair, organized by the Armenian Young Women’s Association
  • Grow Your Consulting Business (“GYCB”) – Business Diagnostics training in Yerevan
  • Press Conference “EU and EBRD Will Continue Supporting SMEs to Attract Investments
  • Financial Investment Preparation Training
  • A training workshop on Leadership in Action
  • GYCB Managing A Consulting Business Training in Yerevan
  • Energy Efficiency training series – Industrial Energy Efficiency (intermediate level) training in Yerevan
  • WiB Training Workshop – Keys to Financial Management
  • EBRD and EU increase support to SMEs and women entrepreneurs in the Eastern Partnership countries
  • Three-day training course on “SME Finance” for financial consultants in Yerevan
  • Press Conference, EU, and EBRD will continue supporting SMEs to attract investment
  • Project Management for Consulting (“GYCB”) training in Yerevan
  • Press conference for Debt Structuring Course-EBRD and the Government of Japan are supporting capital market development and SMEs in Armenia, 
  • The official launch of the WiB Programme in Armenia
  • Organization of the EBRD’s 25th anniversary


SPRING PR offered complete public relations (PR) services to the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) to promote and enhance the small business support program in Armenia. Our services ranged from strategic planning to implementation and included various tactics to achieve the desired results.

One of the tactics we used was developing and executing creative photo concepts that showcased EBRD’s Know-how Information Campaign. These photos were featured on the PANARMENIAN.NET online media platform, aimed at building awareness and driving traffic to the campaign. We also organized photo sessions during the Europe Day event, which was attended by local consultants, government representatives, SME representatives, and EU delegation representatives. This was an opportunity to promote the Know-how program and showcase EBRD’s mission to a wider audience.

We were responsible for handling logistics related to the delivery of the assignment, which included translating and interpreting materials, printing, and photography. We promoted the campaign on social media platforms such as Facebook and LinkedIn, disseminating materials throughout the assignment, and designing announcement templates and social media page covers to be aware of the target of the information on training by social and professional networks. Throughout the campaign, the agency provided interim and final reports on each activity we planned and implemented, including an analysis of the outcomes and recommendations for follow-up activities.

Our efforts to increase media coverage reflected professional media relations including organizing press events and media tours, preparing media advisories and invitations, managing pre and post-media relations, and monitoring media coverage. We disseminated information among local and regional mass media, including success stories of key speakers proposed by the consultant. We conducted interviews with local and international trainers and focused on success stories.

For B2B communications, SPRING PR conducted training workshops on financial management, energy efficiency, SME finance, and project management for consulting. We compiled a list of potential contacts, followed up with applicants, and selected/shortlisted the participants for training. Overall, We received 18 applications/CVs for the WiB Training Workshop, 15 applicants for the Energy Efficiency training series, 22 applicants for the SME Finance training, and 18 applicants for the Project Management for Consulting training. 

One of the most significant events that SPRING PR organized was the EBRD’s 25th-anniversary event in Yerevan, which celebrated the bank’s work in Armenia over the past 25 years. SPRING PR developed the event concept and managed the event day, coordinating The event celebrated the critical work that the EBRD had done in Armenia.

Overall, SPRING PR provided full PR support to EBRD, including media relations services such as photo sessions, logistics planning and implementation, social media promotion, press events, media relations, and media tours, as well as B2B communications. Our comprehensive approach successfully raised awareness about the campaigns and helped EBRD to achieve its goals of supporting small businesses in Armenia.


  • 18 conducted events during the project cycle
  • 188 online media, 23 TV, and 3 Radio publications with …. total potential audience 
  • 286 potential contacts for B2B communications