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Doing Digital Platform – A Catalyst for Digital Transformation


April 5, 2023


Strategic Communications, Event Management, Event Organization




Since 2021, in accordance with the relevant decision of the Government of the Republic of Armenia, the digitalization strategy of Armenia and the program of events have been launched, according to which it is planned to carry out the digital transformation (digitization) of the RA government, economy, and society – in the RA state administration, as well as in the private sector of the economy.

The SPRING PR company also emphasized the strategic digital transformation program aimed at improving the competitiveness, security, and living standards of the state, as well as the need for a correct understanding of the terms “digital citizen” and “digital business” among the narrow and general public and in 2022 Tatevik Simonyan Co-founder and Head of International Relations of SPRING PR founded the international Doing Digital Platform envisioned as a catalyst for regional growth and for positioning Armenia as an innovation hub.

It brings together different formats, such as the International Doing Digital Forum, Doing Digital Master-Classes, and Doing Digital Talks, to showcase the latest trends and best practices in digital transformation.

The inaugural Doing Digital Forum 2023: Exploring Digital Future was held on April 5 in Yerevan.

SPRING PR company and the Government of the Republic of Armenia have joined forces within the framework of the Doing Digital forum to make Armenia attractive and increase the state’s competitiveness among the global technology and business community.

The Armenian government joined the Doing Digital forum at the highest level. RA Vice Prime Minister and Chief Transformation Officer Mher Grigoryan made an opening speech at the forum and presented the achievements and prospects of the RA government in the direction of the digitalization of Armenia. Nerses Yeritsyan, the executive director of the “Armenia Information Systems Agency” Foundation, joined and spoke about the importance of developing and implementing strategies for implementing and applying digital tools in various strategic areas of Armenia.

The representatives of the state departments that ensure the implementation of the development program of the digital transformation agenda of Armenia were involved in the forum both as speakers and as participants. This year, deeper strategic work is being done, deepening cooperation both for the next forum and for positioning the country as a digital tablet as a whole. And this was the result of a strategic multi-faceted strategy and strong results from working with both local and international stakeholders and the media.