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Comprehensive Sociological Support for Justice Monitoring Project Study


June 2016 to September 2016


Public Administration International (PAI)


Comprehensive Sociological Support


Legal Research and Sociological Analysis


When it comes to providing sociological support for PR and advertising campaigns, SPRING PR is the trusted partner, adept at conducting diverse research initiatives. In a  collaboration, SPRING PR assumed its role in the comprehensive execution of the “Justice Monitoring” Project. This engagement commenced with defining goals and objectives, evolving the methodology, and culminating in the intelligent analysis of results and recommendations.

At the heart of this initiative was the “Justice Monitoring” Project, funded by the European Union and undertaken in partnership with the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Armenia. The project’s main aim was to furnish both governmental and non-governmental stakeholders within Armenia’s judicial system with a robust foundation of trustworthy information and data. This served to illuminate the justice needs of the population and their expectations of fairness within the judicial processes.

The significance of a well-functioning justice sector cannot be overstated. It serves as a prominent indicator of state sustainability, embodying respect for human rights while safeguarding against their violation. The vital role of the judiciary in addressing public needs and expectations further underscores its importance.


SPRING PR, backed by its extensive expertise, took on a strategic journey and provided the full implementation of the “Justice monitoring project”, starting from the setting of the goals and objectives, developing the methodology, and providing the analysis of the results and recommendations.

The foundation was laid with the meticulous design of a questionnaire for the public perception survey, ensuring precision in data collection. Subsequently, SPRING PR formulated a robust database, housing outcomes of the survey to facilitate organized data analysis.

Separately, an opinion paper was created that constructively challenged findings, fostering an environment of examination. Skillfully bringing together the survey’s findings, this paper led to a detailed technical report.

The pinnacle of the project was reached with the delivery of the final report, encapsulating the comprehensive narrative gleaned from the public perception survey. This comprehensive document captured the scope, findings, and recommendations of the initiative, serving as a definitive resource.

Moving to qualitative data collection, SPRING PR designed questionnaires for in-depth interviews and group discussions. This method gathered diverse insights, capturing individual viewpoints and group dynamics.

Overall, SPRING PR’s strategic coordination heightened the impact of the “Justice Monitoring” Project, making it a symbol of successful implementation. Covering survey design, database management, and comprehensive report synthesis, SPRING PR surpassed project goals. The collected data was the basis for the detection and identification of the existing issues and the most important questions in the judicial system and represents the public needs and expectations from the justice institutions. Such research methodology was implemented in Armenia for the first time including both quantitative and qualitative data combination.