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Coma Club


November – December, 2023


Coma Club 


Creative Campaign Concept Development and Implementation 




Pioneering the transformation of Tsaghkadzor’s nightlife, Coma Club stands out as the only “coma from which one can come out whenever they want.” Officially launched on December 15  hosting DJ Cody Currie from London, Coma’s opening ceremony set the stage for unforgettable experiences. It has emerged as a trailblazer in entertainment offering a break from reality, where SPRING PR took on the responsibility of the pre-launch creative campaign, crafting a compelling narrative that resonates with a broad audience.

The club was founded by musician Garik Papoyan and his friend, Gegham Sahakyan. Founded on their imaginative vision Coma is a dynamic platform poised to host international artists and groups. It goes beyond being just a venue, having the goal to not only create an engaging environment for customers but also to provide a comfortable and professional platform for artists and musicians. This includes top-notch technical equipment, availability of private rooms, and enhanced security measures. Coma hosts the best artists and DJs every month. 

More than a club, Coma is an escape, a unique space where lights, music, and entertainment converge. It is not a restaurant but an entertainment option following dining that boasts a rich bar with interesting and unique cocktails. Serving as a versatile platform, Coma organizes concerts for bands and musical groups, using modern sound and acoustic capabilities. Additionally, plans are underway to introduce stand-up evenings, contributing to the diversification of entertainment in Tsaghkadzor

In collaboration with Rambalkoshe, the distinguished Museum of Contemporary Art, Coma elevates its artistic pursuits. It is known for hosting the best electronic musicians in Armenia and organizing themed events. 

Coma Club is a place to unwind and step into a different world for a few hours. It is a positive break from reality, offering vibrant lights, great music, and a unique experience in the heart of Tsaghkadzor. 


In promotional efforts for Coma Club’s pre-launch, SPRING PR executed a multi-faceted and dynamic creative campaign, strategically designed to generate intrigue and captivate a broad audience. At the core of the campaign was a teaser mechanism, designed to build excitement and capture attention. Using the idea of a “coma,” the campaign used short videos featuring prominent celebrities, creating an association that sparked interest.

The campaign’s first phase, marked by the enigmatic “I have been in a coma” introduction by celebrities, strategically avoided direct mention of the club, fostering interest through the association with a medical term. This approach led to  a viral excitement, grabbing the public’s and media outlets’ attention. The involvement of numerous celebrities naturally sparked curiosity among the media, resulting in substantial coverage. The second phase then should unveil the distinctive features of Coma Club, showing what makes it unique. 

To amplify the campaign’s reach, SPRING PR provided a video synopsis for the campaign, as well as Out-of-Home (OOH) poster concepts and static publications in digital platforms for the campaign’s next phase. The strategic deployment of these materials aims at fueling curiosity and anticipation among the audience.

As part of media relations, an exclusive interview with Garik Papoyan, Co-founder of Coma, was conducted before the launch, providing  valuable insights into the club’s vision and offerings. Subsequently, a post-release, carefully crafted to highlight key aspects of the interview, was disseminated among top local media outlets. This dual approach ensured a comprehensive and strategic buildup to Coma Club’s grand opening, solidifying its presence in both public consciousness and media coverage.


  • 1 exclusive interview covered by
  • 2 media outlets coverage the opening ceremony based on the press release
  • 45+ organic  coverage by local media outlets as a result of the campaign’s viral effect  
  • 34 celebrities participated in the campaign
  • 31 videos for the teasing phase