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August- September, 2023




Strategic PR Consulting, Local and International Media Relations


Entertainment and Cultural Heritage 


On September 19, 2023, a remarkable event – COAF Fest: Arts, Crafts, and Music – was held at the COAF SMART Center in Debet village, Lori region. The critical aspects of local and international media relations and PR consulting were entrusted to SPRING PR, contributing to the success and outreach of the fest.

COAF Fest was a crucial element of the broader “Lori, Your Next Destination” project, a collaborative initiative between COAF and the German Agency for International Cooperation (GIZ), supported by the EU4Business ITTD project. Within COAF’s commitment to providing non-formal education, their initiatives in Lori expanded to cultivate a thriving ecosystem around the SMART Center. Thus, the festival provided an opportunity to gather the community at SMART Campus, offering them an unforgettable fusion of arts, crafts, music, and the flavors of traditional Armenian cuisine.

There were more than 30 booths at the festival from representing the production by the local people․ It also unveiled Ardēan’s captivating art installations adorning the COAF SMART Campus in Lori. These 12 exquisite art pieces draw inspiration from the region’s ancient monasteries and cultural heritage. The fest also featured live performances by renowned artists such as “Hayat Project,” “Lav Eli,” “Miqayel Voskanyan & Friends,” “Vahagn Hayrapetyan Quartet,” “Bambir,” and DJ Alen Hertz.

On this noteworthy day, COAF also held the grand opening of Concept by COAF – the largest social enterprise in Armenia. This establishment showed a boutique hotel, an expansive conference center, and a modern restaurant.


In the lead-up to COAF Fest, SPRING devised a comprehensive pre-event communication plan aimed at maximizing outreach and engagement:

The strategy started with the drafting and dissemination of the pre-event press release in both English and Armenian. This document ensured its broad dissemination among local media outlets: It was extensively shared through major international newswires, search engines, media newsrooms, and various social media platforms, such as Google News, AP News, United Kingdom Newswire, United States Newswire, Google, Yahoo, Bing, Ask, Facebook, Twitter. It has also been distributed directly to the media newsrooms. Hundreds of media reprints appeared in the independent news publishers, such as AP News, UK Post Observer, UK Herald Tribune, United Kingdom News Watch, WFLA NBC 8, United Kingdom News Watch, and other television stations associated with the FOX Broadcasting Company, etc. The press release is available in the news databases, such as Bloomberg Terminal, Muck Rack, Moody’s Analytics NewsEdge, Naviga, Menafn.

To further enhance the event’s visibility, SPRING organized strategic participation in prominent media shows and interviews. Engagements were secured on various top platforms, such as “Her/Mine Dialog,” “ԼուրջCast Podcast,” “Kentron TV Morning Show,” “Armenia TV Morning Show,” “Im Radio Radio Yereko,” and “Boon TV Boon Format.” The appearances provided a platform to discuss the event’s significance and generate excitement among the audience.

In connection, the strategic efforts of SPRING PR, in collaboration with COAF, successfully propelled COAF Fest into the spotlight, fostering community engagement and promoting the event’s mission of sustainable development and cultural enrichment.


  • 298 media publications by local and international media outlets including text and video coverage from first hand sources or based on SPRING PR and Government press releases