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November-December 2022


“Khachatryan” Group of Companies


Creative Campaign Development and Execution


Consumer Goods and Household Chemicals Launch


In Autumn 2022, posters with inscription “Azdum e” (“It affects”) across Yerevan quickly spread on social networks, turning into a viral campaign. While everyone was trying to guess what that campaign was actually about, “Khachatryan” Group of Companies announced a production of a new brand – Katill cleaning supplies. 

Eager to make a memorable impact with a creative and dynamic launch, the responsibility for conceptualizing and executing this explosive debut was entrusted to SPRING PR. The main goal was to craft an innovative and attention-grabbing launch that would set Katill apart in the market and establish a lasting impression on consumers.

With a big desire to have Armenian-made products, Khachatryan brothers had decided to unite their capacities and efforts and launch a production of household chemicals. The goal was to create a competitive product that would be of domestic production and at the same time almost equal to the European products. At the moment, liquid hand soaps, dishwashing liquids, carpet, glass, wood surface cleaners, air fresheners and universal cleaners are available in the market. The products have been created with unique and distinctive aromas, among them pomegranate, apricot, lilac in order to highlight their Armenian origin. 

The raw  materials of Katill are exclusively European, imported from Germany, Belgium, Italy and the Czech Republic. The second feature is the technology: a very experienced chemical technologist is always in touch with the chemical plants that produce the raw materials. Once the formulas are created, they are sent to our Italian partners who change or further improve them if necessary.


SPRING PR executed a comprehensive strategy to ensure the successful launch of Katill cleaning supplies. The pre-launch campaign, developed and implemented in three phases, generated excitement and widespread anticipation.

In the initial teasing phase, SPRING PR used the influence of key social media personalities to disseminate intriguing publications bearing the message “Azdum e.” Through strategic hashtag usage, influencers promoted the campaign, encouraging their followers and the broader public to engage in a dialogue. The campaign sparked a cascade of user-generated content, as individuals shared their interpretations, generating a spectrum of positive and humorous associations.

Transitioning into the second phase, SPRING PR organized a storytelling initiative, collaborating closely with influencers to develop content that aligned with their unique styles and tones. Facilitating communication and coordination with influencers, including negotiating pricing, idea generation, and publication schedules, SPRING PR ensured a cohesive and resonant narrative across Facebook and Instagram. 

The culmination of the campaign unfolded in the third phase, characterized by third-place communications. Here, SPRING PR organized a meaningful occasion by distributing gift baskets to influencers who shared their authentic opinions about Katill products. This not only contributed to heightened brand awareness but also fostered positive associations, built trust, and had a direct impact on sales.

The strategic efforts by SPRING PR generated a palpable buzz within the wider public, elevating Katill to the forefront of consumer consciousness.

In addition to the pre-launch campaign, SPRING PR provided social media support by establishing and managing Instagram and Facebook accounts for Katill. A thematic photoshoot further enhanced the brand’s visual identity, while a carefully curated video synopsis complemented the launch, with SPRING PR overseeing the video’s production and implementation processes. This approach ensured a seamless and impactful introduction of Katill cleaning supplies to the market.


  • Overall, 160+ posts, 200+ stories during the campaign 
  • 9 influencers participated in the 1st phase of the campaign (28 posts as a result) 
  • 5 influencers participated in the 2st phase of the campaign (13 posts as a result)
  • 30+ Influencers posted about Katill cleaning supplies in their stories in the 3rd phase