5 Essential Steps to Create a Powerful Personal Brand

personal branding

How can you create a really powerful personal brand that stands out against millions of others? What do you want people to know and think about your brand? The answers in your mind are what your brand projects. Everything you do or want to do, think, feel, say, is a part of your brand. Whether […]

Building a Strong Online Presence: Digital PR Strategies


Hello, digital enthusiasts! In this digital era, having a strong online presence isn’t a choice: it’s a must. Businesses should embrace the online landscape and assess the effectiveness of their public relations strategy to enhance their online presence. The evolution of the internet and digital technologies has profoundly reshaped how individuals engage with brands. This […]

Hello, crisis! Communications on top

Hello, crisis! Communications on top The outbreak of pandemic in 2020 resulted in a global crisis. According to the Situational Crisis Communication Theory (SCCT), as a result of the crisis, first of all, the reputation of the organization is at risk. In order to estimate the magnitude of the risk, it is important to understand […]