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Yeremyan Projects sets a new GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS™ title for "Most cups of milk served in one hour"


February – June 2024


“Yeremyan Projects” Group of Companies 


Communication Campaign Concept Developmend and Execution


Dairy Production 


On June 1st, the International Children’s Day and World Milk Day, “Yeremyan Products” surpassed the previous record set in Costa Rica for the “Most cups of milk served in one hour” and as a result set a new one. At Seasons Park, 7,469 people each drank a glass of milk within one hour, exceeding the intended goal of 6,000 for a GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS title. SPRING PR was entrusted with the full PR support and project management of this very important initiative both for Yeremyan Projects and Armenia.

The event, themed “Much Milk and Much Love,” featured a small farm setup in the heart of Yerevan with dairy cows, calves, agricultural machinery, and a milk transporter. Thousands of visitors, including both adults and children, attended the event, which included surprises, a concert program, and an overall festive atmosphere. Over 2,000 bottles of milk, each with a capacity of 0.75 liters, were consumed to achieve this record.

Producing high-quality milk and also transforming the culture of milk consumption in Armenia, breaking the stereotypes that cause reduced milk usage in the society is one of the strategies adopted by Yeremyan Projects. One of the initiatives aimed at this goal was the “MUCH MILK IS MUCH LOVE” campaign. Receiving great feedback the previous year, in 2024 the campaign returned in 2024 on a larger scale, setting a new Guinness World Record.

Following Guinness World Records procedures, the event included the presence of a special hygienist, Gohar Vardanyan, Head of the Food Safety Department at the RA Food Safety Inspection Body, who ensured adherence to all guidelines during the record attempt. Additionally, Doctor-nutritionist Vardanush Petrosyan acted as a witness, confirming the event was conducted at the highest level.

On June 1, 16 tents with 32 tables were set up in Seasons Park, each tent equipped with the necessary cups and refrigerators stocked with milk. A total of 2,000 bottles, each containing 0.75 liters of milk (1,500 liters in total), were used for the attempt. Each cup was filled with 170 ml of milk. Each table had a stamper (32 in total) to ensure individual servings, with a serving team of 64 people, and a steward (32 in total) to count each served cup of milk using a clicker.

The grand event was hosted by Gor Glumov and featured Karo Ayrumyan as the headliner.


From the very beginning, SPRING PR oversaw the entire communication and negotiation process with Guinness World Records, managing every nuance and detail to adhere to their guidelines and procedures. Continuous communication with Guinness World Records was maintained to ensure compliance with their guidelines and facilitate a smooth certification process. The full scope of activities included the following:

  • Communication campaign development and execution 
  • Strategic planning of the event 
  • Negotiations with the GWR 
  • Adherence to all GWR guidelines 
  • Full event management and coordination
  • Training the serving staff and volunteers
  • Content creation 
  • Influencer marketing

Preparations for the event began in February 2024, with meticulous planning of every detail. This included designing an efficient and appealing layout for the event space to accommodate the large number of participants and ensure a smooth serving process. The organization of the serving process was crucial, developing a streamlined procedure for serving milk to participants within the one-hour timeframe. Prior to the event, SPRING PR trained all volunteers, including stewards and stampers, to ensure the smooth running of the successful event. Continuous communication with Guinness World Records was maintained to ensure compliance with their guidelines and facilitate a smooth certification process.

Media relations played a crucial role in the strategy. This involved crafting and distributing press releases to local, diaspora and international media (USA, UAE) outlets to generate widespread coverage and interest. Additionally, a comprehensive video report documenting the event was produced, highlighting key moments and participant experiences. 

The development of an engaging and informative speech for the event host enhanced the event experience for attendees. Furthermore, oversight of the event program was ensured, coordinating with all involved parties to maintain a cohesive and successful event.

Through these strategic efforts, SPRING PR ensured the successful execution and widespread recognition of this Guinness World Record-setting event, reinforcing Yeremyan Projects’ commitment to high-quality milk production and the promotion of milk consumption in Armenia.


  • 7000 bottles of milk consumed 
  • 20+ local media coverage
  • 250+ international media coverage (USA and UAE)